Writing volleyball essay in English

volleyball essay in english

What to Write in Volleyball Essay in English – more than 800 million people of all over the world play interesting and exciting game – volleyball. So writing volleyball essay in English could be the great work while your study. This kind of sport was founded in 1895 – William G. Morgan did it in native state Holyoke, Massachusetts where he worked as a teacher. He tried to combine aspects of tennis, handball and others, and organized a new game where people could play indoors without physical relations. Morgan took the net as well and made it higher than the man’s growth.

short essay on volleyball

Write Volleyball Rules in Essay

To make your essay about volleyball more interesting describe the history of rules’ development. Do you know that later volleyball was completely different than today’s’ one? Explain in your volleyball essay in English that every team had a number of gamers as they wanted. The teams had nine supplies per game. Thus, the account of blows did not have the limitation of the ball on every side of the field. Of course, nowadays rules are different.

short essay on volleyball

Then you may write few basic principles of this game:

  1. Two teams consisting of six players on one field take part in this game.
  2. The main goal of the play is sending the ball to the opposite team over the net, so they could not return it or avoid falling on the ground.
  3. People on one side have only 3 hits before returning the ball.
  4. A serve puts the ball in the yard.
  5. After one team winning a volley it has a serve and participants of this team rotate on one position sunwise.
  6. If the team gains a volley, it has a point and continues to serve.
  7. The game continues until one of the team overcomes 21 points. If the team gains two games from three – it gains the game.

Writing Terms in Volleyball Essay in English

Your short essay on volleyball will be more interesting if you will give a short list of main terms in volleyball. For instance:

  • ace means innings the ball to opposite team and nobody touches it;
  • side out is a term that names a mistake one team has made and the ball goes to opposite players;
  • roof is a player’s jump and block of the ball;
  • dig is a saving from hard spike.


Interesting Facts about Volleyball History

Your volleyball essay in English can be fun as well. You, as a writer, may find few fun volleyball facts that will be interested in the reader. For instance tell about beach volleyball that was played on the Olympics in Atlanta. Did you know that the first name of this game was “mintonette” and later it was made as volleyball because the team volleys the ball to opposite team?


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