How to Write “Volleyball – My Favorite Sport” Essay

volleyball essay

There are many kinds of sport you can choose to play today. And most of them need a great physical effort to take part in. Some games require equipment, others – not. There are also some games which require a small number of players. Thus, many people who like the competition and like to play in a team, prefer volleyball. By the way, if you are one of those people you can start writing “Volleyball – my favorite sport” essay.

Why Is Volleyball So Interesting?

Actually, many sports have a certain playing field to play on. Thus, basketball has a special playground, baseball needs a baseball diamond, bowling is impossible without special alley but volleyball does not require the specific field to play on. You can play everywhere you want, and the most interesting place to play is a beach. Besides, volleyball is the perfect game because you may play it in your backyard.

volleyball my favorite sport essay

In your “Volleyball – my favorite sport” essay tell about all qualities of this sport, such as:

1.       It’s easy to play volleyball everywhere you want.
2.       This sport is inexpensive. When you come to the beach people usually are already playing this game, so you can easily play with them because the playground is ready.
3.       Playing volleyball is a way of relaxing, avoid stress and frustration. When you play this game you may feel yourself healthier and stronger.
4.       It’s not only interesting to play volleyball but to watch somebody playing it, as well.

Explain Rules of This Sport

“Volleyball – my favorite sport” essay should have an interesting chapter explaining rules. The main rule is preventing the ball from falling down on the floor and to throw it back to another team with no more than 3 contacts from one team. Also the team grade points by throwing the ball at the net to the next team. If the ball is falling down on the ground the point is scored to another team.

my favourite game volleyball essay

Include in your “Volleyball – my favorite sport” essay the two ways of scoring points:

  • to throw the ball on the field of other team and pass it over the net;
  • the opposite team can’t give the ball back.

The chapter about rules of this kind of sport described in “My favorite game – volleyball” essay may include also principles for the serve and rotation. Also pay attention to the number of players in each team. Thus, a minimum amount of players is 4, and the maximum is 6.Speaking about the beach volleyball, here the team may consist of only two people.

How to Call the Interest in Your Reader

In your text you may propose few tips that would be interesting and important for readers. For example:

  1. If the player touches the net while playing then it counts as a foul.
  2. Try not to stay on the back line while the player is serving the ball.
  3. One man from a team can touch the ball only twice – it called as a double hit.
  4. You can’t push a ball.
  5. The ball can’t fall down on the field on the other side without crossing over the net.

Writing “Volleyball – my hobby” essay suggests also few words about the history of this sport. There are few theories. The game was developed in 1900 and the main rules were developed in the Philippines – it happened in 1916. Thus, the game was popular among their forces and allies. After appearing in the United States volleyball became the most famous in Canada as well. Besides, the Olympics included this sport to the order of participants.

volleyball my hobby essay

With the developing of the game the rules of it evolved as well. For instance, score points were 21 and changed to 15. There is also the strict size of the court – 18m long and 9m width. So the net may divide the field into 2 right squares – 9mX9m. Also principles were changed and adapted to the modern world. Thus, it’s possible to serve the ball to the other team after connection with the net; sidelines were expanded and so on.

So, these and other interesting information will catch the reader’s attention and your essay will be read until the end with pleasure!