Informative speech about volleyball

Today you will read know Informative speech about volleyball. No matter where you will play, we can improve skills. You will need patience and obstinacy. The most important is a regular practice. You will be able to learn everything

Basic Technology

Informative speech about volleyball. Take care of good equipment. You will need a comfortable sports form. Athletes use special comfortable sneakers for volleyball.

  • If you have high growth – you can use basketball shoes.
  • You need to find a high smooth wall for some exercises

Learn the volleyball rack. Stand up place your legs shoulder width apart and slightly bend them at your knee. In this case the weight of the body should be mainly on socks. You must be ready for quick movements. Keep your hands in front of you.

informative speech about Vovolleybal

Practice moving. You have to learn how to slide your legs in different directions. In the informative useful speech about volleyball says that In volleyball it is required to move quickly from side to side. For more quickly, slide your legs to the sides. Accept the main rack and move to the sides in a straight line. Keep your legs bent and bending to the ground.

  • Do not cross your legs when sliding on the floor
  • Once you learn how to slide feet on the floor, get to  get to use  into other actions

Ball Feed

In volleyball the ball is fed from the far corner of the court. After hitting the ball must fly over the net. Thanks to this, the ball is put into play. Throw the ball with one hand in the air. The second-hand lift over your head to hit it in the middle of the ball. Fully extend your hand and hit the ball with your straight hand.  At the time of the kick the ball must be in front of you. After the impact, continue to move the hand forward and down. Also you need to use your legs.

Learn to give a pass

Take the main post while the ball is flying down. Stand immediately after the place where the ball should land. You must be there as soon as possible

  1. Connect your hands in front of you and draw the elbows closer to each other. Embrace with the fingers of one hand the back side of the second palm and bring the thumbs together. Do not wave your hands – instead, when passing the pass, move your shoulders.
  2. For then send the ball in the right direction, use the muscles of the body and the lower half of the body.

volleyball skill acquisition essay

Informative speech about volleyball speak than a developed sense of time will help you to act more successfully in defense. For example, blocking the ball over the net. You can for the ball and other players

Increase jump height

You must measure the current height of your vertical jump. Increase the height of the jump with plyometrics trace.

  • Let someone watch over you. Stand near the wall, jump as high as possible. You should ask the observer to mark the level to which you jumped.
  • You can also take a piece of chalk in your hand. During the jump, stretch your arm up and chalk it on the wall as high as possible. Then measure the height.

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